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Group coaching FAQ's

  • Who Is This For?

    The training program is designed to bring the best out of everyone willing to give their all to our 5 sessions a week. The program complexity will be scaled for use in different gyms & facilities. We do appreciate not everyone will have all the equipment available but scalable options will be provided for everyone to complete the workouts. Once enlisted onto the program there will be a Facebook community where problems and solutions can be voiced.

    We will presume you have enough experience to modify loads and intensities prescribed on how you’re feeling each day. The program is designed to push you but not break you!!!!

  • What equipment will be required?

    You’ll need access to a gym with the basics to get you started. Dumbbell’s, Barbell and plates, a pull up bar and a squat rack are the essentials. The additional supplementary exercises can be substituted as you see fit (or via discussion within our Facebook group) with exercises that provide similar performance outcomes. Its vital lack of equipment doesn’t become an excuse!!!

    Below we have listed some MP Essential Training Tools we think should be a none-negotiable in everyone’s training bag:

    • Hockey Ball & Foam Roller
    • Glute Band
    • Power Band (x2 of different strengths)
    • Lifting Chalk
    • Water Bottle
  • Where do I access the Program?

    The program will delivered via the online app ‘FitBot’. It will be available a week at a time. The program will be accessible with all smart phones providing video demonstrations of different exercises and coaching points of performance so that workouts can be logged instantly and progress tracked. You will have everything you need and the tips of your fingers!

  • What happens if I miss a workout?

    The program will be available for you to look back through and make up workouts that are missed. The rigorous 5 day per week training schedule will require 2 days rest per week for the body to fully recover therefore if sessions are missed for an extended period then its advised you just jump straight into where the programs currently at. If you are unable to commit to the 5 sessions each week due to outside training sessions then pick the sessions that offer the biggest performance benefits suitable for your lifestyle/time constraints (again this can be discussed with the coaches through the interactive Facebook group).

  • Where do I go for Questions & Feedback?

    All questions and feedback with be delivered through our Facebook group keeping everyone in the loop with about training tips and issues some might have with different sections of the program? The group will be available to upload video content to get coaches feedback on different lifts as well as providing a platform to boost about your new PB’s and provide some accountability for the Marchon Performance Family!!

FAQ is not enough?

If you have any unanswred questions about our online training programs, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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1:1 FAQ's

  • Who Is This For?

    For individuals with sport specific goals or looking for a body transformation. Training experience is preferred but not essential, we will give you all the tools you need to either start your journey or continue your progress. For those with little to no experience we will ask for videos of certain movements to make sure correct form is being adhered to. Every program is tailored to the individual, all we ask is a desire and commitment to wanting to better yourself.

  • Will I be provided with a meal plan?

    We do not provide meal plans, we find them restrictive and unsustainable. We adopt a flexible approach to nutrition following a calorie and macronutrient framework. This may be new to many people, we aim to educate people on the basics of nutrition and ask everyone to track their daily food consumption via myfitnesspal.

  • What do I get?

    Firstly you will be provided with a fully dedicated coach, our aim is to better everyone we come into contact with in some way or another whether that be mindset, body composition, mobility or through a transfer of knowledge.

    You will also be provided with a fully comprehensive training program and nutritional guidelines to follow in line with your training goals.

    Our programming is 100% tailored to the individual consisting of 4-6 week mesocycles. Finally, you get out what you put in, we are looking for people willing to work hard to achieve their goals!!!

  • How do I access the program?

    The program and everything that comes with it will be accessible via the google docs service, you will be invited to a shared folder between you and ourselves where you will find the program and all other reading material. You may also download the google sheets app so that you can access and edit your program whilst on your phone or tablet (when in the gym).

  • What equipment will I need?

    As previously mentioned the program is completely tailored to the individual, we will design a program around whatever equipment or facilities you have available to you.

    Below we have listed some MP Essential Training Tools we think should be non-negotiable in everyone’s training bag:

    • Hockey Ball & Foam Roller
    • Glute Band
    • Power Band (x2 of different strengths)
    • Lifting Chalk
    • Water Bottle
  • What happens if i miss a workout?

    Missing a workout is not the end of the world, if you have time later in the week try and fit it in, or carry on with the program as usual. Try not to miss sessions regularly. If you are to miss an extended period of time, best thing to do is jump back in where you had left. Your coach will be able to advise either way.

  • When will check ins be carried out?

    Checks are bi weekly (every 2 weeks) they will be carried out either through email or via a phone call. You will be asked to keep your program up to date and have any questions ready in preparation for your check in as your assigned coach will use this data to make any amendments going forward and to see how you are progressing. This is non-negotiable.

  • Where do I go for questions or feedback?

    All questions and feedback should be directed to your assigned coach, you will have check ins every 2 weeks however we will be accessible outside of these check ins and look to get back to questions within 24hrs.

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