Are you fully in??

So you’ve committed yourself to a training programme, you’ve got yourself ready to attack the programme with everything you have but are you ready to work hard outside the gym?

I’ve heard it many times in the gym, people talking about the programme they are on but it didn’t click that day because they had a heavy weekend or they had a cheat day.

Of course there are many diets out there, macro based, zone, paleo, ketagonic and certain non meat or animal product ones.

Your diet should complement your training, if you want to add strength and size then you need eat and eat big, and of course, if you want to lose weight then you need to eat less calories. Both of these need to have whole, natural foods to help.

No matter what you decide to do or what diet you choose, you need to commit to it, you need to go all in. If you are in, you’ve made a commitment to yourself that you are going to train to reach a goal but you have to make sacrifices in order to reach that goal and sticking to your diet for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is crucial. Saying that, it should be so crucial it becomes your lifestyle, not a habit.

I’ve heard many conversations about diets at the gym but the majority of them come with a cheat day, usually a Sunday. Don’t get me wrong, these cheat days can be fun when you are stuffing your face with everything your heart, sweet tooth and belly desires but what are you actually doing to your goal?

You have made that commitment to yourself to reach a goal but by having these cheat days you are actually stepping backwards away from your goal. I do understand, it’s hard, there is temptation everywhere you go but you have made the commitment to yourself so you need to remain focused on your goal.

In the end, what means more to you? A cheat day or getting your goal?


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