How often do you challenge yourself, push your boundaries of ability or take yourself to the next level?

Many of us are accepting of the version we currently are, accepting that the change we want might be lurking around the corner and we might one day get what we really want.

We live in our comfort zone, that happy place where it’s all warm and fuzzy, where there isn’t much disturbance and we are content. For me, this “comfort zone” needs to change for everyone, this comfort zone needs to come with some challenge.

We can get challenge from external sources, other peoples competition for example and where we try to buy into to acheive an internal reward of winning for example.

But where is your drive to challenge yourself, where is your spark of growth from inside to develop yourself to version 2.0?

Stop making excuses and accepting them as to why you haven’t installed your upgrades, go out there and do whatever it takes to challenge yourself to grow and to become that better version of yourself every day.


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