Treading Water

Treading water is an efficient movement to allow us as humans to stay afloat. It can be used in many ways, from survival to sport, but for it to be truely effective it has to be efficient.

Any discrepancies in this efficiency causes a greater increase in demand, force production and effort.

We all aim to perfect the technique of anything we do in the gym but how many of us are accepting of an error in order to lift more or get more reps? Would you be prepared to not be efficient in treading water if it came down to survival?

It’s a daily occurrence in the fitness environment, one person does something then the next person wants to beat that at all costs. If you are like me, you follow fitness accounts of individuals and organisations who post regularly about their own area of fitness but how many times have you seen a lift or movement that wasn’t pretty to the eye? A bar path or body position causes you to wince at the sight of it. Or their post contains the phrase ” I know this isn’t the prettiest tenchique but…”

I’m not sure what makes me cringe more, the visual or verbal part of the post. What I am sure about though is, I would rather be efficient in the movement more, because once I am efficient then weight or reps will increase. It is in our nature as human to survive, the need to be efficient. Any stress on this balance does cause growth and causes us to be even more efficient, but the stress has to be calculated in order to maximise it. If you don’t agree with me then view any gymnast, any Olympic weightlifter, any Crossfit games athlete, any one who is at the top of their game, view their efficiency then reconsider your opinion.

Be efficient, tread water and survive.