Ups and Downs

There is no hiding from it, life can get rough. You can be dealt with some rough hands sometimes but we can all go to own our place to deal with any suffering, our safe place.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that if you are reading my blog (thank you by the way), that you read this blog because you have an interest in training, physical and mental fitness wirh your safe place is being where you train.

The thought of loading up a barbell, hitting some heavy reps or laying down some serious calories on the assault bike excites you because your safe place is where you train.

The safe place where you grind, work and earn hard rewards should be treated as a sanctuary. A place where you can escape, away from the daily grind, turn off from the demands of life and concentrate on you. Although the safe place gives you stability, that escape from the ups and downs of life, it should be treated with the highest regard and respect.

Remember though, you have created your safe place and if you put the work in there then you will reap the benefits in life! But make sure you don’t bring the stresses of the day into that safe place and change what you have created.

When I am coaching, I always ask the question “how has everyone’s day been”? A simple question to break the ice, giving an opening for someone to express something positive about their day but the usual responses I get are; “yeah, ok”, “it was alright” or “so, so”. Come on people, take that stiff British rod out and show some emotion. I know as a coach, it’s my job to enthuse, to get you pumped for the work but you are here, you made that decision to come to your safe place so lets fire it up, get going and work.

Remember, you create the safe place and it’s yours to visit and treat how you want. I personally treat mine with positivity, focus and determination to perform, grow and live.


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